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Tulsa Bicycle Club's
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A Tool For
Defining Safe Practices
When Navigating
Our City Streets

Bicycle Pedestrian
Advisory Committee

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Formerly the
Oklahoma Bicycling Coalition
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The League of American Bicyclists
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HomeEducate - Cycling How To's

Cycling "How To's" ... from "How To Ride" to "How To Fix"

The links provided below will lead you to some of the best resources for everything from learning to ride to repairing and maintaining your bicycle. 

Many free and low-cost resources are available.

Depending on your interest, you should be able to find a resource here to address and/or lead you to additional information.


League of American Bicyclists, LAB - Cycling education and much more

The League of American Bicyclists, LAB, is the national advocacy and education organization for cyclists in the United States.

Their Smart Cycling bicycle education curriculum represents the latest in bicycling education thinking and materials.  Both printed and on-line materials are available to help cyclists learn how to cycle safely and legally.

Learn more and access web pages, documents, and videos to learn more about how to ride, how to maintain your bike and more.

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Cycling Savvy - Cycling Education

CyclingSavvy is a program of American Bicycling Education Association, Inc, ABEA. It was developed by former League Cycling Instructors Keri Caffrey and Mighk Wilson.

The founders recognized that because fear of cycling in traffic is the greatest hindrance to cycling and bicycle transportation, the greatest need was a thorough adult traffic cycling course. We reasoned other cycling topics, such as bike fit and mechanical skills can be learned via the web or through books or local bike shops, but traffic cycling absolutely requires the social and experiential aspects only found through face-to-face and real-world instruction.

Learn more about CyclingSavvy offerings here.  They have what is probably the best online bicycle riding course available and also offer classes similar to those taught by the League of American Bicyclists.

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Park Tool - Bicycle Maintenance

Park Tool has been manufacturing bicycle specific tools since 1963.  Based out of St. Paul Minnesota, they are the world's largest bicycle tool manufacturer.  A long-term dedication to quality, innovation, and customer service has made Park Tool the first choice of professional and home bicycle mechanics around the world.

Park Tool has a host of online resources for the shade tree bicycle mechanic.  There aren't too many things you might want to do with respect to repairing or maintaining your bicycle that Park doesn't address.

You can access their videos from their webpage or on YouTube.

Global Cycling Network, GCN - Cycling education, technique, maintenance & more

GCN - Global Cycling Network brings you compelling daily content including expert bike tutorials, techniques, training, behind the scenes event coverage, humor and entertainment.

From the menu at the top of their home page, you can access both HOW TO, MAINTENACE, and TRAINING pages with a wealth of well-presented knowledge.

Or you can navigate to their YouTube page to find their video content.

There's a wealth of info here, well-presented, and funny too!  You may want to subscribe to their weekly broadcasts.

Made Good BIkes/Films - Bicycle Maintenance

MadeGood has a Bike Maintenance blog with 100's of free HD bicycle repair videos.  "The best place for cycle maintenance advice on the internet," according to their web page(?).  Every topic covered with advice from professionals.

Here again you have a great library of cycling knowledge available either through the blog or the video tutorials.

And they also have a YouTube page where you can find all of their video content.  So what are you waiting for?!

British Cycling's "Insight Zone"

British Cycling has a great web presence.  Peruse their Insight Zone and all it has to offer; from Skills & Techniques and Training to Nutrition and Maintenance & Equipment.

This is really a great resource for cyclists.  Take some time to fully explore the pages, articles, and videos available.

We'll be adding more links here ... come back to this page again soon!