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TBC Fall Century 2019
Saturday, September 28, 2019
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2019 Cycle For Life
Night Ride

Friday, September 27, 2019
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Tulsa Bicycle Club

By-Laws      History      Charter Members       Presidents      

The Tulsa Bicycle Club, TBC, was founded in 1972 with the simply stated purpose to "promote all aspects of bicycling."

The Tulsa Bicycle Club sponsors a year round program of rides and events. Our rides vary in length from 5 to 125 miles and in difficulty from very easy social rides to hard and fast tours through and around Oklahoma's green country.  
The Tulsa Bicycle Club will leave no one out.

TBC is and has been involved in helping develop bicycle plans such as the current GO PLAN for Tulsa area communities.  TBC endeavors to educate the public and our membership about bicycle safety.TBC currently sponsors one of many BIKE CLUBs in the Tulsa Public Schools; our club is at Cooper Elementary in east Tulsa.  Learn more about this great program here

Many have the expertise and willingness to share their cycling knowledge regarding safety, ride routes, touring, as well as bicycle equipment selection, maintenance and repair. If you enjoy bicycle riding, come out to one of our rides and see how much fun it is to ride with us.

TBC General Membership Meetings are held at 7:00 pm on the first Thursday of February, March, April, May, September and November at Hardesty Regional Library, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Members and non-members alike are welcome to attend.


Club By-laws

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TBC Constitution, By-Laws, & Rules of Procedure

Club History





Original club "patch"This is believed to be the first TBC Patch design, probably from about August, 1972.  These patches were printed reversed for use as iron-on patches.

The first meeting of the Tulsa Bicycle Club was held 5 January, 1972 at the Whiteside Recreational Center.  Bob Mercer was acting President pro tem and Eileen Baile acting secretary.  Among those attending and mentioned in the minutes were: Burton Gregg, Ken Driessel, Pat Hubbard, Norman Barrow, Bob Mercer, Eileen Baile, Tom Abbot and Dale Cook.  At the second meeting March 1, 1972, the following officers were elected:





President Norman Barrow
Vice President Bob Mercer
Treasurer Bill Crownover
Secretary Eileen Baile


The first club ride was held on 11 March, 1972 to Jenks, Oklahoma.  

TBC members of record on April 25th, 1972 were charter members (about 25 persons).  By July of 1972 there were over 50 members.  A very active schedule was maintained in 1972.  There were 90 rides, races, meetings and parties held that year.  The annual election and dinner was held December 6, 1972 at the Casa Bonita restaurant.

In 1973 the membership passed 100 and has since never fallen below that number.  There have been many wonderful rides in the years that followed.  Who can forget the great backyard parties, the New Years celebrations and the annual December dinners with the election of officers.  As the miles and the years have rolled away we have acquired friends and memories that will last forever.




Charter Members


Glenn and Eileen Baile Richard and Jaylene Howard Bill Crownover
Norman & Carol Spence Barrow Bob and Shirley Telfer Burton Gregg
Dale Cook Bob Harwood Paul Mosher
Ken Driessel Larry and Esther Baile Dr. A. D. Conley
Paul McMahon Ton Abbott Pat Hubbard
Bob Mercer Gus and Geneva Lewis Ray and Betty Martin
Frank and Vereni Kemp Cathy Wolf  

The above material was compiled by Frank and Bert Fisk, January, 1992




Club Presidents


2010 - 2019 2000 - 2009 1990 - 1999
2018 Mike Schooling 2009 Mark Wayne 1999 Mat Brainerd
2017 Bob Restor 2007-2008 Richard Hall 1998 Jim Anderson
2014-2016 Dale Schrimshaw 2004-2006 Derek Swift 1997 Dale Reynolds
2012-2013 Terri Sullivan 2003 Sharon Henry 1996 Jim Anderson
2011 David Wilkinson 2002 Jim Shaw 1995 Don MacDonald
2010 Wayne Mark 2001 Bob McCallum 1994 Don Campbell
    1993 Bob Williams
    1991-1992 Bud Lowers
    1990 Ed Calcote
1980 - 1989 1972 - 1979
1989 Paul Hancock 1979 Tony Bishop
1988 Louise Jefferies 1978 Jim Sparks
1987 Jim Doherty 1977 Jim Bryant
1986 Jeanne Wisely 1976 George Chaffee
1985 Bob Williams 1975 Les Scarce
1984 Jin Anderson 1974 Ken Driessel
1983 Sherry England 1972-1973 Norman Barrow
1982 Greg Houston  
1981 Bob England  
1980 Bob England (9-12)  
1980 Evan O'Bannon (1-8)