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Weekly Rides


Check the TBC Calendar for the most up-to-date information regarding weekly or special event rides.

Here are brief descriptions for our regular Club rides ...
Tuesday/Thursday Morning Ride
Tuesday Evening Leisurely Ride
Saturday Morning Club Ride
Saturday Morning Leisurely Ride
Saturday Morning Nomad Leisurely Ride


Tuesday - Thursday Morning

M/S (moderate to strenuous) - Rides are 20 to 40 miles of flat to hilly back roads at 12 to 18 mph.  Riders typically break into smaller groups based on their preferred average speed.

Destinations and routes vary, decided by consensus at the time of the start.  

Starting location changes monthly and start time is adjusted for daylight savings time -- see the Club calendar for details.


Tuesday Evening Leisurely Ride

L (Leisurely) - Ride departs from the parking lot at 68th & Riverside Dr at 6pm, March to November when daylight savings time is in affect.

15-20 mile ride at 10-12mph or whatever speed is comfortable for the group.  No one will be left behind.

Lights are not required.

Questions?  Contact Tuesday Evening Leisurely Ride Coordinator

Tuesday Evening Start Location ... click on map below to see in Google Maps.



Saturday Morning Club Ride

L/M/S (Leisurely/Moderate/Strenuous) - Most Saturdays, the Club rides from a location specified on the Calendar for that weekend.  The ride route and starting time are specified, but may be altered by a consensus of riders at the start.  There is no "leader" as such for these rides and they are not, typically, marked.  Maps can be downloaded from the Club's Ride With GPS page and the Ride With GPS smartphone app may be used to navigate the route.

New riders should be prepared to identify themselves so that regular riders can assist them with routing and such.  The group may not ride together and typically breaks up into various pace groups.
Distance and difficulty, as well as expected average speed, can vary widely.  Refer to the ride description on the club calendar for specifics.

Note:  Ride leaders and marked routes have been available in the past, but are currently not being provided.  If you would be interested in leading and/or marking, please contact the Club vice president to discuss. 



Saturday Morning Leisurely Ride

L (Leisurely) - This ride is designed for new/beginning riders and riders who prefer a leisurely Saturday morning ride.  Veteran cyclists will be on hand to assist and advise new riders.  Riders will regroup often and no one will be left behind.  

Come join us for an easy ride around Tulsa of between 18 and 28 miles and the starting location varies from week-to-week, so see each week's ride description in the Club Calendar for time and location specifics.

Starting time varies with daylight savings time.  Start time is generally 8am for the spring, summer, and fall (from the first Saturday in March through the last Saturday in October) and 9:30am in the winter (from the first Saturday in November through the last Saturday in February).

Again, see the Club Calendar for starting time and starting location for any specific date of interest.  

Questions:  Contact the Saturday Leisurely Ride coordinator


Saturday Morning Nomad Leisurely Ride

The Nomad Leisurely Ride features many of the aspects of the venerable Mohawk Leisurely Ride.
Riders will ride at a relaxed pace, stopping at a restaurant or c-store (depending on rider desire).

The focus is on camaraderie with no one being left behind.

The difference between this and the Mohawk Leisurely Ride is that there may be a few more hills, a further distance and perhaps some rides beyond the Tulsa area.

Derek Swift is coordinating this ride, but the ride leaders may change occasionally.

It is the Nomad Leisurely Ride’s goal to attract those who enjoy the social, easy-going ride with routes that offer more challenge but with the same level of rider support as the Mohawk Leisurely Ride.

See the Club Calendar for information regarding the ride from week-to-week.

Questions:  Contact the Nomad Ride coordinator 

TBC Calendar

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