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Who's holding the shovel?

Reporting Area Trail Conditions - "Who ya gonna call?"

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Construction - Path Maintenance Contacts   INCOG's Tulsa Regional Trails Maintenance Contacts PDF  

Area Trail Information

INCOG Area Trails Guide provides a more extensive reference for all area trails.


INCOG - Area Trails Guide

Construction and conditions compiled by Tulsa Bicycle Club membership ...

Info last updated:  8/4//2020

Wekiwa Rd
Work has begun on widening Wekiwa Rd between 161st and 129th West Ave.   Parts of this road are now one-way with flagmen.   The road will be widened to include bike lanes and will be repaved.

Mingo road between Pine and 36th St North 
Utility work and road reconstruction is underway in mile long sections of this road.   The road is narrowed to 2 lanes.   The project is expected to be underway through late summer of 2021.

86th St N and Sheridan (Closure)
This intersection is under construction.   Sheridan is closed on the north side of 86th St N
76th St N east of Yale
76th St N is under construction between Yale and Sheridan

Katy trail segment closed in Sand Springs
The Katy trail is closed between Adams Rd and Main Street. 

KATY TRAIL DETOUR through fall of 2021 - Oklahoma Turnpike Authority will be detouring the Katy Trail for the construction of Gilcrease Turnpike.  Construction in this area is scheduled until the Fall of 2021. Detour signage will mark the route.  See notification and detour specifics below ...

River City Trail access from Hwy 97 - Access to the River City Trail through Case Community Park in Sand Springs is blocked by construction under the Hwy 97 bridge.  Looks like it could take some time to repair/replace section over the drainage ditch at that location.  See specific location below ...

191st St S between Mingo and Memorial 
There are multiple places where fresh gravel is all the way across the road.

111th St S and Elwood
This intersection will be closed through Feb 2021.

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