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TBC Fall Century 2019
Saturday, September 28, 2019
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2019 Cycle For Life
Night Ride

Friday, September 27, 2019
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Popular Cycling Routes - Construction Updates 

Who's holding the shovel?
(Info as of 7/16/2019) 

Reporting Area Trail Conditions - "Who ya gonna call?"

Click the button below to see a complete list of local trails and who to contact regarding trail conditions, problems, etc.

Construction - Path Maintenance Contacts 

Area Trail conditions

Tulsa River Parks provides a Trail Conditions web page ... check it out for all the latest info on River Parks Trails.

River Parks Trail Conditions


INCOG Area Trails Guide provides a more extensive reference for all area trails and includes construction updates.


INCOG Area Trails Guide


River Parks Closures due to flooding
The gravel areas between SW Blvd and 71st street have all been repaved.  There are still a couple of sinkholes with barrels blocking part of the lane.  The old trail in front of the casino is now open, the new trail along the river is still closed.  The east bank trail is closed just north of the I-44 bridge.   Most of the time you can get by on Riverside where they have a lane closed off for construction vehicles.   If this lane is full of construction vehicles - you can take side streets between 41st and the light crossing just north of I-44.

West bank trail has reopened!   There is still a section of gravel by the PSO soccer fields.   It is packed and you can ride it.

Hwy 64 bridge between Bixby and Leonard at Snake Creek 
Construction nearly completed, new bridge and shoulders now open.

36th Street North (between Hwy 169 and 129th East Ave).  
Utility and widening work will start in early May.  Only one lane will be open - traffic will be controlled by flagman and signals.  Scheduled completion date is early September.

Mingo Valley Expressway (Hwy 169) trail construction
Work is underway between 41st Street South and 71st Street South west of Hwy 169 on a new trail.  When completed this trail will join existing trails to provide a route between I-244 and the Creek Turnpike.

Mohawk Park
The entrance along side the golf course (Mohawk Blvd)  from the west side of the park is closed.   There are concrete barricades just past the entrance to Oxley Nature Center.  

Northbound Hwy 97 Arkansas River Bridge and River City Park in Sand Springs
The northbound shoulder is closed (AGAIN).   You can take the bike path, but watch out for sand on both bridge approaches.    River City Park was heavily damaged by recent flooding and is currently closed.







There's a short detour just south of the Southwest Blvd bridge.    They are building a retaining wall for the trail to go under Southwest Blvd.