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Avery Drive Cleanup


Generally around the first Tuesday after the first Thursday in April and September, 6pm
What's this all about???
For many years the Club has participated in the State of Oklahoma's "Adopt-A-Road" program.  As a public service project, groups and organizations "adopt" a length of state or county highway and "clean it up" a couple of times a year.

The Tulsa Bicycle Club has "adopted" a mile-and-a-half section of Avery Drive west of downtown Tulsa, a common route for local cyclists including the infamous "Wednesday Night Ride."

What we do:  Collect litter along the Avery Drive right-of-way
When do we do it:  Twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall
Where do we meet:  In the "green" area circumscribed by the intersections of Avery Drive, Hwy 51 and Hwy 97 near Sand Springs
What's provided:  The club provides gloves, pick-up-sticks, trash bags, and beverages & snacks following
How long does it take:  We meet at 6pm and are generally done within an hour to an hour and a half
Note:  Dress appropriately.  Long sleeves and pants are advised as is bright colored clothing.

Here's where we gather ... intersection of Avery Drive, Hwy 51 and Hwy 97.

We follow the clean-up efforts with "dogs and suds" (hotdogs and adult beverages) to go along with sodas, cookies.  You can see from the photos on this page that we have FUN in addition to providing a public service.

So plan on joining us each April and September as we collect "treasures" along the right-of-way ... you never know what you'll find!  We try to schedule these cleanups on the first Tuesday following the first Thursday in April and September.

See you next time ...