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Inclement Weather Policy


All rides revert to "show up" rides when inclement or dangerous weather exists or is forecast for the ride start time. 

Riders who "show up" ride at their own risk and should not expect the designated ride leader to be present. 

Those who "show up" may choose their own route and destination, which may be very different from the originally scheduled ride. 

Any of the following conditions represent "inclement weather" and will result in the scheduled ride becoming a "show up" ride:

  • Rain or thunderstorms
  • Lightning
  • Sleet
  • Hail
  • Snow
  • Ice
  • Temperatures forecast to be 40 degrees or less one hour before the ride start time *
  • Temperatures forecast to be above 100 degrees at ride start time *

* Temperature criteria are based on forecasts of the National Weather Service Forecast Office for Tulsa 

 NWS Tulsa Forecast







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