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Who's holding the shovel?
(Info as of 3/17/2018) 

Reporting Area Trail Conditions - "Who ya gonna call?"

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Construction - Path Maintenance Contacts 

Area Trail conditions

Tulsa River Parks provides a Trail Conditions web page ... check it out for all the latest info on River Parks Trails.

River Parks Trail Conditions


INCOG Area Trails Guide provides a more extensive reference for all area trails and includes construction updates.


INCOG Area Trails Guide


Hilton Rd between 33rd W Ave and the Creek Turnpike overpass (NEW)
Approximately 2 miles of Hilton Road has been repaved.  This includes the long downhill.

North Lewis between 36th and 46th Street North

Reconstruction of this one mile stretch of Lewis is underway and will take until mid-2018.   The new concrete 4 lane is now open on the north half.  

Mingo between 36th St North (American Airline Maintenance entrance) and 46th St North
Only 2 lanes open - this section of road is being rebuilt
RiverParks East Bank Trail
  • The East Bank trail is closed from 27th St to 35th St until mid 2018  Detour through Maple Ridge
  • Stabilization of the river bank has begun just south of 56th on the east bank trail where the riverbank has eroded.   Through about April,over about 15 feet of packed mulch protecting the trail from construction vehicle damage is required

Cincinnati Ave bridge over the BA expressway
The bridge from downtown into Maple Ridge is closed for work on the south end of the IDL.    Expect this to be a long term closure

Highway 11 bridge between Sperry and Skiatook
The bridge just north of Sperry is being replaced.    Watch for possible increased traffic on side roads in this area as drivers look for detours.    The marked detour will use Highway 75.

E 89th Eve
Construction is underway between Admiral and 8th St South (the route used from McClure Park up to Pine).

Samoa Lake Rd
This road is closed at the small bridge between Pretty Water lake and Lake Sahoma (just south of 86th St).   Construction completion date is scheduled for Mid-April but only demo has take place to date.

Highway 97 bridge in Sand Springs
ODOT is working on the Arkansas River Bridge in Sand Springs.    Expect lane closures.

Highway 64 bridge near Leonard
The West bound shoulder of Hwy 64 is closed on the east side of the bridge.

There's a short detour just south of the Southwest Blvd bridge.    They are building a retaining wall for the trail to go under Southwest Blvd.

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